Thinking Food truck & Making dinner

So, I'm making dinner...
Uhm, yes, I think its a requirement in the mom clause.  For those of you who are new to my blog, I will tell you that cooking is one of my passions( The other and first on my list is my kids.) Oh yeah and I own a food trailer. I should say my husband and I own a food trailer. We cook Mexican food FRESH and on site. The food we make is authentic and we offer the usual; fajita tacos, fajita nachos and more yumminess.

Anywho, so, I'm making dinner. 

Aaaaaaaand you may think that I would be cooking Tacos or something Mexican for my Mexican American family but nope, I'm making a rotisserie chicken, grean beans, and corn. (shhh, dont tell anyone but I slathered a little, and I mean a little bbq sauce on the chicken, no need to punish ourselves)

Ok, so back to my point, Lets just say, my hubby and I both can stand to lose a few pounds!! QUITE A FEW as a matter of fact!!

I don't like making resolutions, because, well, frankly I never ever keep them. I usually forget what I resolved to do. Running around with three kids will do that to you. What I did do is try and program myself into thinking about living a better and healthier life. You know what they say...Thinking is doing (I think they say that). This way of thinking would require us to eat less and eat healthy. But, I will be careful and not call it a requirement, that sounds so official and I am known to resist  all things official. Yeah, I'm a rebel...haha

So,  I went to the grocery store the other day with this DECISION in mind. EAT LESS & EAT HEALTHY.  Aaaaand, with this in mind it was easy to BUY HEALTHy.  A crazy thing happened at the register though. The grocery bill was significantly less. I was stunned and almost couldn't contain my excitement.  I did though, I dont think the young check out boy would have know what to do with a crazy lady randomly laughing to herself at the register.

What I did was so easy, I excluded all the quick frozen fried or processed foods. I bypassed the Ice cream zone, and still left the store with a CART FULL of groceries for WAY LESS MONEY!! I'm talking about 150 dollars a week to 98 dollars. I wont point out the obvious lesson here but, If I was a math whiz I would be able to tell you the exact percentage of savings, alas, a math whiz I am not. All I do know is, it is a big difference!

Now that my pantry and fridge are stocked with the good goods, I have been cooking lighter for  a few days now and they have not complained. Ive even dropped 7 pounds. I wont lie though, I will still make tacos (not fried) and food from my heritage, BUT, that wont be a problem. Most Mexican food......AUTHENTIC Mexican food is not that unhealthy because real Mexican food is not fried and covered in yellow processed cheese. Real Mexican food is made with fresh spices, seasonal veggies, and great tasting meats.
Which brings me back to my food truck. 

When I cook in my trailer, I feel this sense of accomplishment and excitement. Aside from being the worlds greatest SAHM, Its the greatest feeling ever!
I have said this a million times and will continue to say it......I cook with the freshest ingredients (at home and in La Rosita (my trailer,) BUT now we will even cook with leaner meats and I have decided to add CORN tortillas to our menu. I think the corn tortillas will be a healthy alternative to the fresh flour tortillas that we currently offer. I think it will be great for the event goers who love to eat but would like to eat a little healthier.  With this addition the feeling of excitement that I have inside me right now is through the roof!
I cant wait until this Spring when our events are scheduled. La Rosita is going to wow you all.

So as Tigger would say to Winnie the Pooh.. TTFN.. Ta Ta For Now!

What? You don't quote story book characters in your everyday conversations, Well you should. ;o)

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Carol Fleisher said...

I bet you are a great mom. I love authentic mexician food. It's one of the perks of living in Southeast Texas. :) I think it's cool that you own and operate a food truck. Some of the best Mexican food I've ever eat came from food trucks. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower to yours. :) Keep up the great work.

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