Love it a LOT!

Guest post written by Wilford Alford

There’s nothing I love more than a big glass of red wine and an old episode (or four) of the Real Housewives – gosh I love that show! Ever since I got cable tv deals that’s just about all I’ve been watching at home and though it’s surely killed off more than a few brain cells of mine in know that at the end of the day it’s okay that I get joy from NOT being any of those women. I think it’s kind of fun to scout out new urban areas to live in by watching the show and at the very least, learn what not to be like when I do get married and get myself in order. I know there’s something special about the ladies of Beverly Hills and it’s that they’re rich! Totally rich – rich enough to buy $150 a pop invitationsto a wedding, that’s how rich. I can’t even fathom it which is why I suppose I watch the show – to live vicariously through them or something!

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