Scars be gone! Rodan+Fields saved my face!

Hello ladies and fellow mothers.
Fist I would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! As mothers we all have many things to be thankful for, even those messy t-shirts covered in spit up, and spaghetti sauce.

Im about to write about a very personal problem that I have/had been struggling with for the past few years. I'll also let you in on something else I have discovered
& that I am extremely thankful for.  Ok, although I have three kids, they are separated by quite a few years but not purposely. I was struggling with hormonal problems. Problems that lead me to struggle with infertility due to PCOS (Polycisitic Ovarian Syndrome.) 8not sure of the spelling, guess I could have looked it up.

If you have ever had a hormone imbalance then you know what all comes with this battle. Mood swings, restless nights and the problem that I personally hated the most, excessive facial hair growth. Im a brunette so struggling with an abnormal amount of facial hair  was and is a battle in and of its own. It was over my top lip, on my cheeks like side burns, and worst of all under my chin.

I was able to combat the upper lip with a wax and a tweeze here and there. The side burns I would also get with wax BUT, the area under the chin was so sensitive that I could only handle tweezing. So, as the addict to tweezing that I am, I tweezed and tweezed, and yes tweezed some more. This never ending tweez-athon created yet another problem, in grown hairs. Ingrown hairs that I would look at in horror in my magnifying mirror. I would grab the tweezers and tug and pull until I would break the skin and finally pull out the stinking little hair. Well, we all know what broken skin means, bleeding and scaring.

The scaring got so bad under my chin that the area was always a dark almost like a purple shaded cluster of zit looking spots. Only they were not zits, simply scars.
I contemplated having micro-dermabrasion treatments but those are extremely costly. In my part of town, I was looking at about $150....EACH treatment, and because of the large area I had to be treated, I was not going to be the lucky chick who just needed one treatment.  So, my money saving solution at the time was to find the perfect shade of make up and cake it on to cover the horrid spots. I was fooling myself though. I would often catch a glimpse of myself in different lighting and gasp at the sight. The sight of spots that I thought I had thoroughly covered.

Well, three weeks ago a dear friend of mine saved my life and my pocket book. Sarah. Sarah recently became a consultant for one of the nations top selling dermatological regimens being sold today, called Rodan+Fields. The board certified dermatologist of Rodan+Fields have been featured on the Today show and magazines like Harpers Bazzar, Vogue, Redbook and Instyle, just to name a few.

These dermatologist created their own line of skin care systems that is truly doing as their motto says, "changing skin and changing lives." At least it is changing mine.

I have been using the 4 part UNBLEMISH system that was created to get rid of acne and post acne scars, and my scars are still there but they are significantly lighter. I actually feel confident enough not to have to cake on the make up anymore. I can also see a change in the rest of my face. Although I do not struggle with real acne like zits on the rest of my face, my skin is softer and cleaner.

So, to make this long post short, I am thankful for my dear friend Sara and the products that she introduced me to. I would really like to encourage any of you who may be struggling with skin problems, anything from aging skin, dry skin, oily skin or scared skin from acne or even pregnancy mask, they have something for everyone. Sara with Rodan+Fields has the perfect regimen for you. You can find her page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Rodan-Fields-by-Sarah-Corrigan/29...

I want to stress that I am not a paid spokesperson and this is NOT a paid advertisement. I wrote this because I believe in this product. I would never endorse anything that wasn't true to its word. I also would never risk the embarrassment of endorsing something that turns out to be a flub cause you know, I have a reputation to uphold..ha!  So I know, you don't know me from Sam, but I am no Sam. But, for what ever this is worth to you, I am a mother of three, who like you has limited time and money therefore I will NOT waste either.

I hope you all at least take the time to check out her facebook page or just find the actual R+F website, and please come back and let me know if you use it or have used it. I would love to hear other testimonials like mine.

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