Our Food truck adventure is over

Well, it seems that our food truck adventure is over. Over, FOR NOW. We have catered quite a few events in this past year and since winter is upon us, the prime food truck season is over.  We do however have LOTS of events lined up for April. If you really think about it, April is not that far away.  We have almost the entire month booked. Can you say YAY! Well, I can.... YAY! Our team will also be back to what we call first string. My brother who has been working his butt off in other states will now be able to have weekends off. This means lots of extra man power help for my hubby. The generator we use is about the size of a small dinosaur, needless to say, I was not much help loading and unloading that thing. Ah, but that is just a small part of the concession trailer adventures. We had so much fun but were also mesmerized at some of the things consumers would do or say.

Can I give you a tip or two, as a possible consumer of a concession trailer?

1. Please do not use the napkins from one trailer when you purchased from a different one.  (That is so not cool. Especially if you use said napkins to wipe off a table or your own food stand!)

2. Please do not ask for extra anything, unless you are ready to pay a little extra.  ( I mean, asking for extra meat in your taco, is like asking for another burger patty on your single patty burger. We will do it, but it will cost you a little more)

3. Please do not make faces at the menu. (If you are at a Mexican food truck and are not of Mexican descent, chances are you will not know what everything is on the menu, don't be afraid to ask what it is, just don't make a I-just-puked-in-my-mouth face. Just so you know, In a truck or trailer the chef is almost always close by and can probably see your grimace, not exactly a compliment to the chef)

4. Please Spread the word. (If  your at an event & you are eating the best taco, or nacho, or quesadilla you ever had, tell the folks around you at the event. Food trucks need your word of mouth advertising, its the best kind. People see you eating said food and know that is safe and know that it must be delicious. You can also spread the word on your social network!)

5. Social networking helps ( If you like your favorite food truck and want to see it continue to thrive as a small business, then by all means spread the word on Facebook, twitter and any other social networking spot you may frequent.)

Those are just a few tips. If I think of anymore I will definitely blog again. Until then, have fun at your local food truck and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break. I know we will.

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