Well blogosphere, I took a huge leap of faith today.
I have been pondering the idea of a recent innovative idea I had while dealing with my teething 8 month old. Now as much as I would like to post  about this AMAZING idea here, something tells me that, that would not be such a great idea. haha

So the leap was that I researched and contacted the company that makes the product that I would like to innovate.   Notice I say, innovate. I cant say invent, because obviously the product already exist and the product is  pretty darn good. I just want to make a slight no HUGE change to it. My change would make it multi purpose, rather than the single use product that it currently is.

I cant wait to post again about this soon. I hope that they contact me ASAP!

Now off to contact a lawyer to make sure that my idea is not stolen! Looks like I still have some work to do.

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