Are you a busy mom or dad trying to run a business from home, car, minivan, or local coffee shop?
Well, I have something for you.

I'm sure many of you can relate to this scenario and if not close your eyes and imagine if you will.....

So, it's been a busy week to say the least. I get up at a quarter to 6 in the morning, get lunches ready. Make sure the girls are actually up and at 'em, like I yelled so kindly asked them to be. by 7:30,  back packs are locked and loaded, lunches are cold and ready, kids fairly clean, dressed and are actually wearing matching socks.  Whoa wait, OK, yep, my socks match too.
Whew, running around with three kids is harder than I thought it would be.

And a thing that really makes it difficult is trying to take a business phone call with an infant in one arm a toddler holding onto my purse so I don't lose her and a pre-teen who is in constant chatter mode. Phone calls?  Yeah not in this life time. At least not while they are awake.

What I do like to do from time to time BUT NEVER while driving is text. But texting can cost a pretty penny with your average phone company. So, to try and solve my monetary issue, I did with this what I do with all my questions about the universe. I went online. I found a great site called Textingly.com.

This site is so cool. You can sign up for free and can send up to date text messages with all of your important business information. It is very professional looking and you don't even have to wear matching socks to send a text.

Textingly, helps your business by increasing sales,  build customer loyalty, and reach customers immediately. And that's not all, they offer a way to advertise your business's special promotions with just one push of the button.

Look,  I could go on and on but what fun would that be? Click on the pic below or the one I added to my side bar and check them out your self. Its free to try so you cant go wrong. And as always come back and leave me a comment and tell me how much you love this new service. FREE...

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