I am out of words today.
I guess I just have too much to do. Seems I have company coming over tomorrow. My sneaky mom  was supposed to surprise me by showing up with my favorite auntie in the whole world & whom I have not seen in a year.  Let me just say, I'm glad my cousin spilled the beans... NOW I MUST CLEAN!  Living with three kids and a child like hardworking hubby = MESS MESS MESS.

I do want to send you over to my mom's blog. She has a crafty hobby and really enjoys making custom greeting cards.  By the way she takes orders. Please take a minute and check out http://craftingwithgranny.blogspot.com.

She also makes some really great Salsa and you can order that from her as well. I just created her salsa blog so its not quite finished. You can find that at http://SalsabyEdie.blogspot.com She takes orders for that as well. I must warn you though, she just got a huge order so it may take a little while to get you your Salsa, but I'll tell ya.....its worth the wait!

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