Well, we are almost at the end of the first week of school. Both of my girls are loving it. New experiences and new friends. What more could they ask for? Well, actually, my 12 year old always asks for a tasty lunch. After brown bagging it the last 4 years, she finally decided to give middle school lunches a try...after her daddy and I talked her into it.  The first day she was so happy. The pizza was good, it had real pepperoni (I had no idea there was a such thing as fake pepperoni) it was thick and it filled her up.

Whew, good to know.  Whats weird is that after all of the bad publicity about public schools having vending machines in them and passing laws to ban them in schools, my daughters school has one and yes, she has already asked for money to explore said machine.

So here is a snippet of our conversation on this oh so controversial topic:

12 year old to me- Mom, you know, the school has a vending machine, and, well, I saw a lot of my friends buying things from it. It has my favorite candy bar. Can I please have a dollar so I can get one too. pleeeeeease?

Me to the 12 year old- UHM NO! Junk food is not good for you, junk food cost way too much in those machines & besides a young girl your age should stay away from junk food and vending machines.

My 4 year old to the entire grocery store- MOM!  I don't want these chocolate cookies, I want the ones that we put in our ice cream at home, you know the one when we put marshmallow and caramel all over it, you know, your favorite!

Uhm yeah about that....

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