Getting ready for school?
We are. My oldest daughter will now be in middle school, so, first day of school is nothing new to her. But this year both of my daughters will be entering school. YEP, my 4 year old will be in Pre-K.  She gone to Mothers Day Out for the past couple of years so, a school like atmosphere wont be new to her. What will be new to her is the longer hours.

I'm feeling a little torn with this situation. The fighting has grown old and I have run out of creative ways to keep them entertained indoors and out of the scorching heat, so the thought of school being only a week away is actually a small source of relief for me. Kinda like, "whew, let some one else entertain and stimulate their minds, so that I may reclaim my television and sink into the sofa with a warm cup of coffee"


That was my little bubble.

 Who am I kidding? There will be no sinking into sofa's, chairs or anything that resembles a seat. My 7 month old baby BOY, who is absolutely the worlds cutest most handsome baby boy ever, is just that, a BOY. He started crawling the last week of his 5th month and is already more adventurous than both of my girls ever where. He has put me back on my game. Last week I found him up on the 4th step of our stair case. Uhm can you say emergency room? Had I not realized it was a little too quiet in the house and gone looking for him, I'm sure we would have had to make a trip to the hospital. Thank God for baby gates!

But, back to what troubles me. I am nervous for my middle schooler. Will she find friends, she is still pretty shy. Will she fit in? She is a book worm and a straight A student. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING! I'm beyond proud of her, but there is always that worry for her and the hopes that she doesn't have to sit in the cafeteria alone at lunch. I hope and pray that she has an easy year. But, I know she will be OK. At least I have tried to convince myself of that lately.

I am also feeling guilty about sending the 4 year old to school. She doesn't have to go. Pre-K is not mandatory. I just want her to go. I know she needs it. Like a flower needs water, this child, my middle child requires lots of attention. She tends top get into trouble when she is bored.  Am I making a mistake? Should I have kept her home with me for one last year? Part of me says keep her home, but the part of me that catches her, lost in some lame TV show not at all suitable for her age, reminds me that giving her a head start in school can only be a good thing.  I can see her now. Coming home with a smile that could light up a room, and in her proud tiny hand, a work of art made out of elbow noodles, or some other pasta.

NO, I'm not making the wrong decision. No, I'm not a bad mother for wanting them to be apart. Remember that old cliche, Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I think this will be true for all of us.

Now, I must end this post, not because its entirely too long, but because once again, the coo's and babbles are no longer audible......Baby Boy WHERE are you?????? 


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8picklesinajar.com said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am now following you as well! I enjoyed your post...Back to school time is always a time for worry and joy ~~ Bittersweet!

8picklesinajar.com said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am now following you as well!

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