Children locked in a car for two hours while their parents try to make money at a plasma donation center. (wonder what they were getting money for???)

Yes, that's the headline in today's news.  I live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metropolitan area. Texas! 

But, August is here, and boy does the nation know it. There is nothing subtle about this intense heat wave. Every one is feeling the heat. From Oregon to New York and even Washington D.C.  In Texas we sort of expect a HOT summer but, the people in what is normally the cooler part of the Nation are not used to this. I'm sure that soon we will be hearing of the toll the heat wave is taking on people across the U.S.  So if we as adults, can not handle the heat, then why on earth would anyone leave children locked in a vehicle.....IN TEXAS?

I do not understand this and I never will. My children are my everything. As I drive, I make sure to follow all the road rules to keep them safe. I make sure that I look all around for any sign of o0ncoming danger while I have them in my vehicle.  So I ask again, why then would any one leave children alone in a vehicle? In this heat wave no one could survive, I bet not even a bug.  So with that I am re posting a link to an article that I wrote a few summers ago about a child who died because some one forgot to get them out of the car. I do not want to upset you. OR MAYBE I DO, Maybe that's what we need, a reminder and a wake up call, to stop taking our children for granted and to stop the NEGLECT!
Here is the link. I hope you take a moment to read it. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/903873/a_19_month_old_baby_dies_in_the_texas_pg2.html?cat=25

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