Christmas is coming

Thanks to Roman May

The first sight of Christmas decorations and supplies in stores usually signal the beginning of the Christmas season. I have decided that this year we are saving money on supplies by making our own. It is also more fun. I am going to involve the kids in the craft making this year. This will help them develop their motor skills and help them use their creativity. I also think it is a great way to distract the kids from thinking about their own gifts for a little while. Paper lanterns are easy to make and even easier to hang. Christmas chains are fun and can be made with paper or popcorn. We may use popcorn so we can eat the leftovers while watching Christmas movies we have seen on http://direct.TV satellite channels. Christmas starscan be made from pipe cleaners and I am sure the girls will like to make the family?s Christmas card this year. I am hoping that this will become a tradition with us and maybe one day my daughters will continue the tradition with their own families

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