Do you have a child? Do you have more than one? What about that ever uneven number 3?

Well I have three children. Each of them a blessing from heaven above. Lately though, I seem to have forgotten my role in this family I have helped create.  The role of MOM, MOTHER, MAMA, MOMMY!

With a 6 month old infant its quite hard to get back to normal physically and mentally let alone getting the house back in order. Well lately, I have been so eager to be super mom, you know the type, with the spotless house, clean and well mannered children.  And the more I try the more I fail at one thing or another.  If I tend to the kids, my house is a mess. If I clean the house my kids are a mess. There is no end to my madness.

So, in my frustration I began to feel unhappy with myself. I began to feel like a failure. UNTIL, late last night when I read a blog post by a dear friend. She called it 5 things every child wants. This post was almost like the slap in the face that I needed.

What else could be more important than my children? NOTHING! NOT ONE DAMN THING! Why then have I become this grumpy monster with a huge to do list? Maybe I have been possessed. hehehe.  I'm not sure why, but where ever she came from, I'm sending her right back. I want to be the happy mommy that I strive to be. I want my children to remember their mother as the happy loving person that I know I can be.  SO, the heck with the to do list. I'm leaving that for the fake ladies I read about in those magazines, or see on TV. AHHHH, did I just figure out the root to my problem? TV and Magazines, yes, we all know how truthful and normal the people who grace them are. (catching my sarcasm yet?)

If you need a virtual slap in the face to remind you how wonderful it is to be a mom, I highly suggest the purple link above.

This is me ending this post, shutting off the TV, and turning on the radio. Time to dance challenge my kids. Its their favorite thing to do.

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Tisa said...

Great post! I love it!

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