So, our wood floors need a little bit of help. Actually, lots of help or what is called floor maintenance. We installed laminate flooring about 7 years ago and apparently we didn't read the manual close enough. (there was no real manual, just an installation instruction sheet.) We installed the flooring over concrete flooring that the builder had installed beneath the carpet. Well, now its showing signs of water damage from the kids spilling their drinks. Notice I said kids, this includes the husband too. That was not something I think I considered when we went with the inexpensive choice of laminate.

So lately we have been thinking about installing real wood floors. The thing is, unlike the floors we have now, real wood needs lots of up keep and maintenance.  You have to keep them very clean, you cant scratch them or you will definitely have to get the flooring restored, or should I call it by its professional term, wood restoration.

I found a web site that gives you a little insight as to the how, what and when to keep up with maintaining your floors. The more I read it the more I think I would rather have the rich look of real wood floors. The problem is can our budget afford it?

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LBDDiaries said...

We put in laminate at our other house (you need a backer board underneath). I prefer wood. I've had wood and love it. I actually waxed it with Mop & Glo and I didn't find it too high maintenance. If you scratch real wood, you'd probably have scratched laminate, too - it takes a lot. I have it in my dining room right now - the former owner's dogs scratched the heck out of it (BIG dogs) if I wanted to, a little lite sanding then a kit and it would be fine again. It's still prettier and sturdier than our expensive laminate/wood. It has a thin layer of wood on top but was snap & click - and to me? It looks and feels like laminate - go with REAL total wood!

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