My husband used to be a mechanic. I say used to because when the economy fell so did the size of his wages. People were not getting their vehicles repaired at dealerships any more. The cost was and is  outrageous.  He found out that more and more people were either taking their cars to small shops or fixing the problem themselves. And well, he has a family to support.

Although my husband is an ASE certified automotive technician and knows quite a bit about fixing vehicles of all types, there has come a time when he needs a little help. Yes, some times he needs to look up information on how much it will cost to do a certain job on a certain vehicle.

When that day comes there is only one web site that he dares to visit for help. Its called repairpal.com.
There you can find a wide array of information on the "how to's" of auto repair. This web site explains in detail what the problem is, how it started and how it can be fixed. You can find anything from oil, and brakes to more difficult task like tune ups and engine repair. Then this web site will help you find out about how much you should expect to pay for a repair to helping you find a shop near you that can solve your particular problem.

The web site is great. It is easy to use and is very informative.  Now, as a woman married to a mechanic, I really don't have the need for this web site BUT, if the day ever came that my hubby, my built in mechanic is not around to help, I may find my way to this web site. Check this web site out for your self. And if your anything like me, and you enjoy saving a buck, while getting good service.  I'm guessing you will be glad you did.


LBDDiaries said...

Wow - thanks for that info! Hubby is good at fixing what he can (our former mechanic would say, "I'll get the part but you can do it yourself"). But there are things he doesn't know - so how cool is it that he can check this site out? Thank you!

MelissaQ said...

AWESOME! Im so glad to be of service. Im so glad you like this site. Keep me posted if you ever end up using it. I would love to hear about it. Thanks for stopping by.

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