Well, this is it.
We are in the final week of preparations. Prepping for what you may ask.
Prepping for our biggest gig yet.
My new business venture, or what I call my mini restaurant will be up and running at the world largest flea market and trade show in the world.  Its in Canton Texas and people from all over the country to experience all Canton has to offer.  From your regular flea market finds to brand new items, hand made arts and crafts, to an old fashioned gun fight. No fear, its just a show put on by a group of Cowboys that call them selves the Texicans. Its very entertaining. And let me not leave out the food. So much to choose from but of course I want you all to choose mine. I promise you wont regret it and you will leave satisfied.

This will be our first time selling our Authentic Mexican food in Canton and we are excited. My crew is raring to go, and so are my hubby and I.

I use real, flour tortillas for the chicken or beef fajita tacos. We also use them for our beef or chicken quesadillas. We have nachos as well, and yes, they can also have a meat of your choice.

But, as great as my food is, my pride and joy is my salsa. Its a family recipe that was passed down from my late Grandmother Rosa.  I use all fresh ingredients, from the tomatoes to the peppers and onons.  It has just the right amount of heat and a fresh flavor that you wont get from any other salsa.

I have great pics on facebook of what we have to offer and some of the events we have catered.

Find us on facebook under the name La Rosita-Mexican food.

So if your looking for something interesting to do the weekend before the first Monday in June. Come out to Canton TX the sleepy little town that comes alive with over a million people for one weekend a month.  You can find us by locating La Rosita and our big red trailer or just smell your way to the best tacos you have ever had.

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LBDDiaries said...

Wow I wish I'd known this beforehand - sounds amazing! Are you ever going to bottle and sell your salsa? I'm there if you do - my family LOVES the real thing when it comes to Mexican food (not these fast-food ones around here). There is SUCH a huge difference in flavor and taste!

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