My Run to the Dog Park
Guest post from: Marion Slater
When I go running I usually go when I can take my dog. She is a Labrador retriever and, living in the city, she needs to get out an moving as much as I can get her to. So as long as the weather is nice and I have the time, I hook her up to her leash and head out. Before I leave the house, I make sure that I set my home alarm system (http://www.atlantahomesecurity.com), so that my house is safe, as there have been burglaries around me. Then it is off to a run to the dog park.
We usually run about a mile before we get to the local dog park. There, t! hey have a nice running track that circles the park, and animals are allowed, so it makes the perfect place to run. The track is about a half of a mile long, so once or twice around it is all we need to run to get in enough exercise. I usually have my MP3 player hooked up with me too, so I get a good workout while listening to my favorite music.
Once we run the dog park, it is time to run home. This is usually done at a slower pace, since by then, both I and my dog are tired. We both enjoy our runs, and my dog gets the exercise she needs.

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