So, My dream may be coming true sooner than I thought!
My hubby and I have finnaly decided to take the plunge! For years we have wanted to be our own bosses. Who hasn't. We both have our area of expertise and education but the one thing that we could never decided on is which road to follow.

Well, we decided. After many conversations and much research we realized that the only thing that would be profitable in this economy would be something in the food industry. Which has always been my dream. As a young girl I watched my dad and his sister struggle with their restaurant but, even as a kid I knew that that is what I wanted to do.

Now, we dont have tons of money to buy or even lease the type of place we dream of but, what we do have is enough money to purchase a concessions trailer. We've searched for months and months for a trailer in and around our area and every time we looked all we found was NOTHING.  So, one night after a pretty delicious dinner cooked up by yours trully my hubby grabbed his lap top and began his search again.  Not long after his fingers hit the keys his eyes lit up, I knew right then and there that he must have found one. He did and to make things even more interesting he trailer is for sale in the town that I grew up in. I long since moved from there and live about an hour away.

My mind is racing at this point. I dont want to preassure him into it. I want him to want it as much as I do and boy oh boy does he. We call the guy up, he still has it. He lives about 10 minutes away from the house I used to dream in. The dreams of owning my own business the way my mom and dad did. So we set up a meeting to see this trailer, and its perfect. It has everything we have been looking for. Its a pretty big size trailer and its still quite the investment. We have our worries, but, if we dont take this step now while we have the energy and money we may never get a chance like this again.

We plan on hitting up all the local fairs and festival's. I am so excited about this small yet very huge step we are taking towards opening our own restaurant.  
This could be the start of something so great!

This venture is not going to be easy with three kids and in case you have not been here before my newest kid is all of 2 months old! Yes, he's a newborn, but that's ok. The good thing is that my kids have a very loving grandma who has said yes to watching over them when we have an event to cater.

Now the only thing I lack is SLEEP!

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