Nothing new to say tonight. Actually, just one thing.

I HATE a website called mylot. They have censored me and banned me from posting on their very crappy little site. It is supposed to pay you to participate but, I honestly think I get more money by finding lost Penny's on the ground.

I hate that they censored me for trying to drive traffic to this blog. Not for being a potty mouth or a perv, but for writing an Innocent topic about my kids and then saying.. "if you want to know more come to my blog."
Such crap. Oh well, I guess I will not use them ever again. Its not like I generated readers this way, it was just fun getting a little feed back every now and then. Soon I will be generating lots of readers from a real web site. You may have heard of it, Technorati. Yes, I am now a writer for them. They will not censor me, as a matter of fact they have encouraged me to be me and to be creative. Hmm go figure, a place where a woman is free to say what ever she wants when ever she wants. If only a place like this existed. OH YEAH it does, its called America. Thank you Technorati for letting me express my self!

So I rant no more, its after midnight and my children are sleeping and in about two hours my newborn will be awakening for his midnight feeding. If you can call 3 am... midnight. 
boycot mylot! it sucks!

Have a great weekend. I'll be back Monday

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