I have a new inspiration. Its funny though she does not know that she a bit of an inspiration. She is a member of my church and she has a blog. I have been a bit hesitant to tell the ladies about my blog since there are times in here where I have little to NO self control and begin with my potty mouth.

So maybe now that I see her blogging and telling me about her blog. I will MAKE the time to get back to my own blog. I have been extremely busy since my new baby became a toddler and a quite active one at that. I just cant find the time. SO, I think I will just have to make the time.

At least I can find about an hour, while she watches Sesame Street!

Gotta love the big screen baby sitter!!!


I also wanted to let you all know that I have a link to your answer on how to make Great Mexican food. You will be able to contact me directly through live person.com
here is my link. Let me know if I can help you make your very own authentic and YUMMY Mexican dishes. Just so you know, my cooking is pretty quick and easy too.
find me at http://www.liveperson.com/melissa-quintero

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