I miss my blog. I cant believe how busy I am lately.

Let me just do a quick plug for the people of John Deere- you know, the tractor people.

Recently, I contacted them and told them about my good friend and her little boy with cancer, (blog post before this one) and they sent him some very special gifts. All I asked for was a t-shirt to replace the old hand me down John Deere shirt he has. They decided to send him more than that. It is Awesome. And the local dealer is going to show up at a local fundraiser with even more things for little Ethan. Amazing. This is one company that I will put my endorsement behind anytime. They are going above and beyond to help support my dear friend and her 5 year old baby. What more can you ask for in a company. Being involved in your community is the way to go. YAY John Deere you guys rock!

FYI- This was not a paid endorsement in any way. They have no idea that I wrote this about them.

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