Hello every one, I'm back
I'm still on Vacation as are many of the blogging moms out there. Its really hard to get away and get some "self" time. I was able to sneak away for a moment to let you all know that I wrote a new poem a few nights ago, and it was published on another site. I'm posting the link in here so all you have to do is click the link and it will take you straight to the site, no detours.

This poem is called "YOUR FORKED TONGUE" its really intense, and it was meant to be. It shows all the emotions I was feeling at the time. I wrote it during a really sad and painful time in my husband, his only brother and their families(wives and kids which yes, includes my children and me) lives.

I originally wrote it in Spanish, but I cant for the life of me remember where I put the Spanish version. One night I was trying to get some sleep but I couldn't for the life of me fall asleep. I was rehashing everything that had just happened with my hubby his mother and his brother. As I was thinking about all the horrible things that were said, the poem started streaming in my head almost like the lyrics of a song. A sad and painful song, but a song nonetheless.

So,in the middle of the night, I reached in my night stand and felt around for paper, there was no paper, only an old parenting pamphlet. It had to do, I knew if I fell asleep with out writing it down, it would be lost to me forever. I put the pamphlet in the pocket of my newborns diaper bag, and left it there for weeks. When I finally remembered to get it out, I placed it on a counter, or was it a desk? My point is I don't know where it is, I may have just inadvertently thrown it away.

I guess because the one year anniversary of the turmoil is around the corner, the poem and its character have been dancing around in my head at night. I think its my way of dealing with the sadness and getting it out of me and setting it free. Or maybe I'm setting my self free. All I know is that I had to translate it and post it.

I tried my best to write it word for word in English the way I remember it in Spanish. Spanish being the language in which hurtful things were said and done makes it the only way to accurately portray the anger and pain as it was when it all happened and in the days following the family turmoil. For some reason for me, insults and anger come across a lot stronger and harsher in Spanish than in English, and thats with out curse words, although curse words are readily available.

What all of this now means for me is that with all my emphasis about the new English version, I now have to find that original Spanish version or rewrite it the EXACT same way in Spanish, or that will be the next thing that leaves me sleep deprived. So off I go, to find the lost poem. If and when I find it, I will post it here in Spanish for my Spanish speaking readers, and for those of you who would just like to see what a poem looks like in Spanish. (tehehe) ;o) For now here is the link CLICK HERE to see my latest POEM

Until then,
I'll talk to you all later

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