So tomorrow is a day which I don't like to think about much. Its a day that is so very painful. 5 years ago tomorrow is the day my grandfather died. My grandfather was born on October 14, 1930 and died on July 23, 2003 of lung cancer. He was only 73 years old. WAY TOO YOUNG to die! I can't really put into words how much I miss this man. I have written about him before. I think I even said and will say again, that my grandfather was and is the measure of what all men should be. Devoted father, loving grandfather, wise mentor, hard working, and an all around gentleman are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Carlos Garcia.

I miss him dearly. I wont go on and on, because its like opening a wound that hurts profoundly. I wont even go into the pain that I see my mother go through, the loss of her father was devastating for her. The youngest daughter, who lived the closest to her father, and who had a special bond. My grandpa and I also had a special bond. I was his first grandchild, his only granddaughter for about 16 years. I gave him his first great granddaughter who he absolutely loved. There was something about this man that just commanded a persons respect, but he was not the mean type, it was just his personality that captivated every one who was around him. He put my father in place which was always something that wowed me. My father is a strong man, and would only take a man to man conversation from my grandfather.

A while back I wrote a poem that encompasses the feelings I feel about loosing my grandpa, and not being able to be near my father (at the moment, he is living far away, we will see each other again though). The poem also has a little about my hubby, whom I adore. My hubby is a little like my grandfather and father, he is strong, hardworking, a loving father, a devoted husband, a joker and the love of my life (I only miss him when hes at work, and only sometimes haha). So with this I end and ask you all to go to the link I have posted HERE to read my poem for the men that I love and miss.

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