Ok so VBS is over and has been over for about two weeks, and yet I could not bring my self to blog. What a surprise huh?

I wonder how many other mothers feel the way I do at this moment? I'm talking about the feeling of being "off" for the summer, and by off I mean, not having to rush around the house in a mad frenzy making sure the lunch is packed, hair and teeth are brushed, breakfast is eaten and the homework is in the bag, or backpack in my case. Because we all know we mothers are never really "off", our job is a never ending 24 hour a day gig. A gig that needs no explanation, its pretty self explanatory. You take care of your kids so that they take care of them selves, and hope fully take care of you in your old age. This brings me to my next question.

Have I ever mentioned how brilliant my big girl is? She is a smarty pants, and not in the bad way either, at least not yet, she is only 9, so I have a few years before I have to face the "know it all" teen invasion. My daughter went the whole entire school year as an "A" honor roll student, she never wavered. I am so proud of her. I could not have asked for a more perfect daughter, so god gave me another just as brilliant. I have two tremendously smart girls. How about a one year old that says "UNBELIEVABLE", well, it kinda sound like "un-buh-leeb-oble" but hey, thats close enough for me.

Knowing that my girls are truly smart, (not that braggy mom kind of smart, the kind of smart that has actually been documented by officials, so I can prove it, kind of smart hahaha.) leads me to my next topic. A while back I wrote a post about curvier women and how their curves correlate with their IQ. It was an actual topic on the news one morning, and I just knew I had to write about it, seeing that I fall into the curvy woman group. So if you would like to read what I wrote and what researches found out about curvy women and their IQ, click this link and it will take you to my article which I reposted on another web site which in turn published my article.

I hope you all get to read it. I also want to continue to thank all the people who are continuing to sign up with the links on the side of may page. I have seen some pretty good earnings, and a great deal of new members signing up. I want to continue to encourage all of you who have not signed up yet to give it a try, you wont regret it and if you don't like it there is of course no obligation to continue. All of the sites are FREE to join, free to use and free all the way around. Its the only way I would have it. You don't have to spend to earn at those places. With this I close. And am off to begin packing for our family vacation, which is taking way to long to get here by the way.
Talk to you soon.

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