Yeah yeah, I know, I'm not even gonna say it, I have said it a million times. Ok once more wont hurt. I am extremely busy and have so little time to blog, I'm sorry to say, because I have been so busy, I almost don't miss it one bit. I'm not sure I would miss it at all, if it weren't for the many people who are signing up with the survey sites on my side bars. FYI, I get these updates from the websites when any one signs up through my page. I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has visited my sites and those of you who have signed up with those web sites. If you haven't signed up yet, I encourage you to get to that, unless your rich and twenty dollars is pennies to you, then please by all means disregard this post.

Keep coming by, and if you want to find some really cool freebies, look on my side bar and find my favorite site called LJ's page. She always has tons of links to sites that offer Freebies. I ordered a free Shick Quatro razor for my Hubby and brother, which by the way arrived a few days ago, and the men love them.

So thats it for now. I will be back, as soon as Vacation Bible school is over. In the mean time look through my archives, there are quite a few funny, moving, and just plain serious post from the past in there. I also wrote 2 whole poems which I am pretty darn proud of, so please go check those out.

Talk to you all later

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