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So today as I was pondering my topic for todays post I was also managing to read the comments that my last post received, and thats when it came to me. I am going to write about all the new blog buddies I have made recently. I decided that today I will post the links to their sites so that all of my "faithful"(chuckling to myself) readers will go and pay them a visit. They all have very different kinds of blog sites but they are all equally impressive in their own unique way. I will also be adding these links in my favorite blog list on my side bar.

This way you can always come back here to get to them. Isn't that a brilliant idea? I know, you must think I'm a genius. I will add these links on my page, so that you have no choice but to visit ME first. Its all about me..hahaha, ok not really. But I really wouldn't mind if you all visited regularly. I have this theory that if you wander into an unknown or even a familiar place and you find something that moves your heart or your soul, then that was your destiny for that particular day. Every day has its own path that is set for us to follow, and to experience different things, different feelings, and different emotions.

While not all emotions and feelings are pleasant, the important thing is that we have been given an opportunity to FEEL. To feel is to live and that is what I think, is a very important part of the answer to that oh so famous question, "what is the meaning of life?"

Does that even make sense? I hope it does.

Ok so above is an award called "The circle of friends award" that I was given by my new blog buddy Angelbaby. She has a very cute and spiritual blog. The next link is from my newest blog buddy her blog name is DADAISM she has great works on her site, and by the way did I mention she has BEAUTIFUL pieces of art. I also found this blog from a MYLOTT buddy called Urban Arts, in there you will find lots of different topics to read about, like arts and crafts, music, entertainment, and creative writing which is the topic that drew me in. There is another blog that I go to visit for nothing more than to read. This lady has another AWESOME blog. She has this way with words that often has me giggling out loud. I love her sense of humor, maybe cause its a lot like mine, except FUNNIER. So here is a link to IZZYMOM. And last but CERTAINLY NOT least is the blog of my long time and dear friend whom I like to call JELLY. I have her blog already linked on my side bar but, I really just want to remind you all to go and check her out. She has a very funny sense of humor, although I'm not sure she would admit it, she never gives herself enough credit. BUT I WILL, I think she is brilliant and funny.

And there you have it, that is my short list of NEW blogs and new blog buddies.

I'll add the links again below and on my side bar so that you all can have easy access to some FABULOUS blogs. Enjoy, and until next time, take care.

Oh and BTW keep a look out for my next post on the big bang theory. Nope its not what your thinking, its a record breaking enormous list of links. The list has about 700 links to blogs all over the blogoshere... cool huh.


Angelbaby @ http://www.yourcaringangels.com/

DADISM @ http://www.fireflywings.net/

IzzyMom @ http://www.izzymom.com/

Jelly @ http://chismosa-jelly.blogspot.com

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