I told you guys and gals in my last post that I found a new inspiration fir writing.
I have always loved writing, although I have little time for that now. I think I'm making my way back to it. I remembered as I was writing my last post that I kept a few of my essays from college and knew that I had to find where I had put them. I had to put them out of reach of my little ones and my big one (my hubby). The hubby is the absolute opposite of a pack rat. He doesnt like to see old stuff around, with out thinking he will throw stuff away. It absolutely drives me crazy. I dont get him sometimes though. He likes to throw old stuff out, but cant seem to put his clothes in the hamper, hmmm, go figure. Me on the other hand, am not a pack rat, I hate clutter as well but, I like to keep some stuff like old essay, my big girls old report cards, some cute greeting cards (that my mom makes by hand) you know, important thing, sentimental things, not just last weeks news paper (unless I'm planning to clean the windows or other glass in my house).

Any way, I found what I was looking for. My essays! YAY! The ones on Ralph Waldo Emerson, Buddha, Jesus, Heraclitus and quite a few more. I worked hard on those so needless to say I am excited. It wasn't that long ago after all, that I sat in those classrooms listening to the professors talk about these very important people, people that actually walked the same earth that we walk hundreds of years later. So, I was looking through my folder and found a really interesting quote by the Greek Poet and Philosopher Heraclitus 535–475 BC (pictured above). He was known as the "weeping philosopher". Back in the time of Heraclitus no one could understand why some one could be so sad for so long. They thought that it was just his way. They had no Idea that he suffered from a mood disorder which they could only refer to as Melancholia which is Greek for Melancholy. The whole time he wasn't just feeling a little blue, he was suffering from depression. I think its interesting how he suffered from depression and yet found a way to write some very meaningful quotes.

I guess you can say that even when you suffer from depression, there is always a light at the end of what seems to be a very dark tunnel. I'm going to leave you with quote for the weekend. I think it is a very important and meaningful quote. This isn't the kind of quote that you just read and through and never give another thought to. This quote deserves not only to be read but really interpreted. I hope that you all read this quote and take it with you now and throughout life.
Have a great weekend.

The Light of Integrity
by: Heraclitus

" The soul is dyed the color of its thought. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the full light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny..... It is the light that guides your way."



dadaism said...

hi melissa,

thanks for hearing my whisper and leaving your trace...

i hope we can be blog buddies.


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dadaism said...

hi melissa,

i have been so busy with my online writing that i have not been able to attend to my blogs. about my other blog, http://work-at-homies.com, i am preparing all the materials and should be able to put more content soon.

take care. btw, have added your link to my blog roll.


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