I’m BACK! I had a great and "fairly" relaxing spring break. Now mind you, I am using those words loosely because after all I have a couple of daughters who really never leave me alone. Of course I know that it is a child's purpose in life to want and need every ounce of attention they can squeeze out of their parents, and I am more than happy to oblige, after all I chose this life. BUT, I have to say, I'M GLAD spring break is over and it’s back to school time. I need a break from my break. hahaha.

Having two daughters with such a large age difference is a little tougher than I imagined. One likes to watch Hanna Montana, and play with webkinz, the other loves to drool on her sisters’ webkinz and just discovered "wel-wo" that's ELMO for those of you who don't speak one year old. So needless to say, I’m glad things are back to normal. I kind of missed the structured days. So here I am, on my blog, which I had started a few months ago and declared it my child free zone, my personal space, where no kids are allowed. Cause every mommy deserves a place to let go and release all the other wise pent up feelings that aren't quite suitable for younger audiences.

Now, ENOUGH about that, on to a more serious topic.

I was looking around in my blog and saw that while I was gone I had a few new visitors. One in particular caught my attention. I of course went to see who this new stranger was, and was yet again pleasantly surprised at what I found.
I was looking around in the blog of http://gr8wisdom.com/ and saw a post about a woman who is tortured by the gruesome facts of life. When I mean gruesome, I'm talking about the senseless killings of animals like baby seals, and the live skinning of animals for fur. These are senseless and disgusting acts, I don't argue that but my problem with her is that she went on to ask why God would allow such horrible things to happen.

She is obviously distraught and disturbed by what goes on in this world, so much so that I believe there may be a underlying suicidal tone in her letter. But that is not for me to judge. The author of gr8wisdom.com commented back to her letter and gave her some very frank and to the point advice. I wish I could write it all here but its quite long, and you may be better off just going there to read it word for word for your self. Any way, one of the things the author told the woman who wrote the letter was that we are all responsible for the way the world is today, every thing from the killing of defenseless animals to the brutal killings of humans.

As I was reading the comments back to the woman from gr8wisdom, I found myself saying yep, uhuh, and AMEN! I was so glad to read such brutal honesty. Honesty is something that I think is lacking in our lives and in the world today.

Gr8wisdom wasn't trying to be mean, just honest and to the point. I believe that there is no need for sugar coating things when some one is in desperate need for honesty. Sugar coating things only enables people who are at the brink of depression, to wallow in their own self pity, and continue on a downward spiral into a what can be a very dark and unforgiving place within ones self. There is nothing glamorous about depression, although Hollywood attempts to make it seem that way, and I'll leave the subject of Hollywood for another post. My point is that a real friend, or I should say a good person will pull you into the light when you least expect it. Sometimes you may be saved by a complete stranger you just have to let them.

I wanted to tell the woman this. The thing is, there are so many people out there who indeed suffer from depression, and I know that sometimes medications are needed, and this is not medication bash, but, sometimes what’s’ really needed is honesty and a hand to lead you to true enlightenment. You don't have to be Buddhist or know what the Tao Te Ching is to believe in enlightenment, you just have to be human. You have to also be willing to help pull yourself out of the darkness and into the light. Allow your self to hear the truth only then will you stop asking what the meaning of life is. You have to realize that there are things in this world that you will never be able to change. You can do you part to help, but you have to accept that there will always be things that will be out of your control.
In saying this, I'm going to try and make it a point to find meaningful things to write about on my blog. I keep loosing my way, mojo, my inspiration, but I think I found it again at gr8wisdom.com.

I love honesty and the search for the Truth in spirituality. When I read this post, it took me back to my days in college, when every one else was bored with trying to figure out what exactly the professor was talking about when she spoke of Samsara, Nirvana, Dharma, and Karma, I was enthralled. I loved that course it took me on a kind of spiritual journey.
I have said this a few times in my blog but I'll say it again, I am Catholic but, taking the journey through other religions and learning where they come from made me that much closer to my own religion. Whether you are a Christian or a Buddhist, a Hindu or a Jew we are all connected, we all have very similar beliefs on and about life.

There are a few things that make us different but, at the core we all have a similar beginning. If more people would take the time to learn and research other religions, more people would be more accepting of others and less judgmental. Just imagine what the world would be like then. Let’s just say that this conversation is not over, until next time I would suggest to those of you who enjoy reading to look into more information on Buddha, Buddhism and Zen Buddhism. I guarantee you will be enlightened.

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