YAY! I got another award from AngelBaby. It so cute I have to share it with you all, but before I do I have to say goodbye. Its that time again. Time for a blog wide break, spring break that is. My 9 year old is going to be home with her baby sister for a whole week. AWWW, you say, try good luck, The baby is now going through the "no share" phase, which is no fun for anyone. Yeah, its normal for all toddlers to go through this phase, except that she doesn't like to share things that don't even belong to her. HAAHAHAHA. OH WELL, a mothers job is never done. I hope she isn't doing the no sharing thing out of resentment for being framed. hehe, if your not sure what I'm talking about click this link to read all about how I framed my one year old daughter to make her big sister happy.
So, for now I say farewell, I will be taking a much needed break from the world wide web. I hope you all have a great break (if you too, are lucky enough to get a spring break) and I also want to say Happy Easter, to you all. I will see you back here in about 1 week, maybe sooner.

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