YAY! Im now one of the newest "posties" at PAY PER POST.

Hi Every one,
I have been waiting for this moment for quite a while. I have recently been granted the opportunity to be a "postie" for pay per post. It seemed like it took for ever to get approved. My problem was that my blog was too new. My post had to be established, a whole three months were required of me. Well, I have met the requirements and I am now good to go. I am excited. I know, you must think I get excited easily, I guess I do when it comes to making or saving money. And, as all the moms out there who are reading this know very well, true "excitement" is relative. A full fresh cup of coffee, not just the fourth of a cup the hubby usually leaves behind, is exciting. Finding a matching pair of socks for every child is exciting. Finding out that the chicken at the grocery store is on sale, is exciting. You see,excitement, can be found in many forms. Now that I explained what seems to be my unending excited state of being, I will continue to tell you about blog network">PPP.
So, Pay per post has a very, very neat looking site. I absolutely love the way it is set up. It's colorful, and easy to navigate. The opportunities are plentiful. Once you get going with
blog network">PPP, you are immediately given a $20 opportunity to write. Im telling you, they have a ton of writing opportunities, and they all have very nice pay outs. I'm talking $20 and up. I really think this is going to be a great place to be. You get to pick and chose what you write about. You get to see what others are writing about. You even get to see what other people are earning, which I find interesting, being that I am such a nosy, I mean,competitive person. I hope you all go there and sign up. It is a fun and interactive place to be. You will love it. Click on the link I have here or sign up in the form I added for your convenience and you will be safely and swiftly transported to the blog network">Pay Per Post web site. (excuse the way I digressed into "trecky talk". I don't even like star treck, hmm...I think I need another cup of coffee.) You can also find it pretty cool looking button on my side bar. I have made it nice and easy for you to take advantage of this opportunity, and I hope you do. Go take a look for yourself and come back and let me know if you like it or not. Did I also tell you that I'm quite nosy, and love to know what others are saying? Hence the love of blog hopping. Well, I am. It's my only fault. hehehe
Hope to hear from you soon.

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