I also wanted to mention another fun thing I found while wandering the world wide web.
I found this new site called Mylot. It is a new site that also pays you to participate in conversations. Yeah, you read that right. They pay you to start your own discussions and participate in conversations that other members have posted. I like this site because it is very interactive, and its customizable. You have so many options and places to explore in Mylot. You can of course start and join discussions but, you can also meet friends in an entire section dedicated to meeting friends. You can catch up on the latest news. You can blog in there as well. You can upload your own photos to share, and you can use their search bar that is powered by Yahoo. I actually like Yahoo, way better than google. I have a small grudge against google, so I refuse to use them, but I'm not going into those ugly details. Just know that I have a small group of people that I know, also feel the same about that particular search engine. I've said enough about that. So the point of my lot paying you to use and participate in there site is pretty straight forward. They want to increase the buzz about their site, and increase members and users. So, they are paying their members to spread the word. The web site is very similar to other sites like yahoo. You have your personal settings, your own weather ticker, and your own news headlines. I like it. I think you will too. Go to this link and check it out. Please come back and let me know your opinions on this site. Like I said before, I'm nosy, I mean interested in what others are saying about things, even if we don't agree it is healthy to have civil disagreements. You know, the way Obama and Clinton are acting towards each other now (after all that mud slinging and name calling). hehehe
Let me know what you think.

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piper of love said...

Thank you so much for that wonderful compliment to my post about Noah! Don't know how you found me, but I'm ever so glad you did!

I'll be checking in on you now too! :)

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