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So I hope you all had a chance to take a look at my previous post. And most of all I hope they have motivated you into taking the first steps towards making money online. I have to say, that when I first started I was apprehensive. I was getting lots of survey offers that I either didn't qualify for or didn't offer any money. But you see, this is the trick. If you want to call it that. Its more like a way for the survey centers to weed out those who have signed up and are not really serious about participating or are not really answering the surveys.
One day I was reading one of my favorite blogs, and found out some information that has changed the way I do surveys and the way I get paid. What I mean is that I am actually getting paid...now. LJ,(look for her on my favorite blog list) said in her post, that you have to take all the surveys that are sent to you, even if they are not paying ones. Yeah, I know, you don't have time for that. Well I'm sorry, if you don't have time for that, then you don't have time for surveys in general and you just wont get paid. Its as simple as that. You have to decide whether or not you want to make money.
One thing that helped me and is helping me immensely is roboform (find the button to roboform on my side bar). It is a FREE automated form filler. You enter your info into the robo one time, and from there on, when you need it, it will fill out your name and address and any other info that you allow it to fill for you. Roboform has security settings, so, so far it has been safe and helpful. You should check into it, it even helps fill out every day forms that you need to get done. I have to say this though. I DID NOT enter my social security number into this form filler. I think you should use your own judgment on that issue. Just know that you don't have to enter any information you don't want. I only entered my name and address, anything else I keep to myself. Click HERE and you will be taken to the roboform web site, or look on my side bar for the green roboform button.
So, back to the topic on surveys. On my side bar I have the buttons and or links to the survey centers that HAVE actually paid me. So far these are the only ones I will recommend. The last thing I want to do is to send you to a survey place that doesn't pay and you waste your time, and eventually you blame the person that sent you there. The thing is, I don't want anyone to leave my site feeling angry or disappointed or mislead. On the contrary, I want every one who leaves my site to leave and spread the word about my site. who couldn't use more traffic? I rather enjoy helping folks out, especially if they return the favor.
On another note, I have had a few request for the link to the AC Nielson site, and I don't have the right link to put out here yet. I am still researching it, and I will definitely get that to those of you who have requested it. Bare with me. I'll get it for you, not sure when, but I will. Just keep checking back here.
I also hope you saw the pictures in this post. These are pictures of the latest check that I got in the mail. Its from Opinion Outpost. Click here to get there instantly, or when you are done looking around in my blog go to my side bar and click the button, it will also take you right to their sign up page. I hope you all roam around my blog. I kinda think of it as my virtual house. It has many windows...of opportunity. I have lots of passageways...to other blogs, and other interesting sites, and I have an attic, where I keep all of my old stuff...old post. So, stay, take your shoes off, roam around, and always come back when ever you want. I don't have any skeletons in these closets..hehehe.
Mi casa es su casa.

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