I need a vacation!

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a chance to look at my previous post. I also hope they motivated you to get started.
Today I actually have some news. My husband and I have been talking about taking a much needed vacation. We haven't had a vacation in years. I'm not talking about the kind of vacation that last more than three days, and does not involve a drive up motel room in some small town here in Texas. I'm talking a real live vacation. Getting on a plane, and leaving all your cares behind vacation. So we were going over a list of places we would love to visit that are a little out of the ordinary. I don't really want to go to a place that is so jam packed with tourist that you feel like you are still in the USA. Thats when it hit me,SPAIN. I remember all the stories my mother told me about her trip to Spain. She was lucky enough to go to Spain as her high school trip. I never had that luxury in my high school. It was so small and not to mention it wasn't the wealthiest part of town, traveling more than 50 miles away from our town was just not an option.
I remember how my mom showed me her pictures of her trip, and how everything was just so beautiful. I ran the idea by my hubby, and he agrees that Spain would be our vacation spot of choice. It seems like a natural choice, we get to see and feel what Spain has to offer, like bullfighting, their famous Tapas, and not to mention the Amazing looking architecture. Best of all we wont be way out of our comfort zone. We know the language. Of course if everything falls in order we will hopefully be traveling this summer. So, its never too late to start planning the trip. I looked up the air fair and the hotels in and around Madrid, and found really great deals. I found some really reasonable prices on airfare, but thats not that hard to do.
The thing I needed help with was finding hotels in Spain. Not knowing the area, I had no idea where to start. I searched the web trying to find a web site that could help me find a hotel and make reservations. It took some time, but I eventually found a great site called CheeperThanhotels.co.uk. Its a great site.
They have tons of hotels to chose from and the all the hotels are star rated. Usually the more stars, the higher the price, but at cheaperthanhotels every hotel, no matter the stars is priced at discount rates. Did I mention that the site is really easy to navigate.
When your at cheaperhotels.co.uk you will see that they have the option to research and reserve your hotel up to a year in advance, or if you are a procrastinator you can even use their last minute deal section. The site is equipped with an interactive calendar so you can see and adjust what days you will need or want for your stay. When you enter the days you want to stay you will see if there are any rooms available, you will be able to book online or send for information request through the mail.
Cheeperthanhotel.co.uk also has a few destinations that offer FREE extras. You can go almost anywhere in the world with cheaperthanhotels.co.uk. They have over 10,000 properties to chose from for you last minute travelers, and they have over 20,000 properties to choose from if you want to reserve your room up to a year in adavance. But don't let those huge numbers intimidate you. When you narrow down your destination, the number of hotels to choose from will also narrow, and finding the right one for you and your family will be a click away. You may not even be traveling with family. You may need to make a business trip, well, they also have group discount rates so you can make those arrangements there too. If your wondering how you will get around when you arrive, well, they have that covered too. Cheaperthanhotels.co.uk also has deals on car rentals.
When you decide where you want to go and who you are going with, whether its London, Paris, or Spain, you can see pictures of all the hotels available in that area. I like the fact that the pictures of the hotels are not only of the facade of the hotel, you get to see the inside of your room, the swimming pools (if available), and all the the extra perks that they may be offering. Summer time is right around the corner and my family vacation plans are underway thanks to cheaperthanhotels.co.uk.
Now the only thing I need is for our passports to arrive and we should be set. If you are thinking about traveling abroad, you should look into this site, it was a great help. Cheeperthanhotels.co.uk will definately help you find what you are looking for, whether its in Spain, Germany or even Australia. Are you planning to take a vacation? If so where, I would love to know where my friends and readers are going this summer.

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