Hi to every one!
I have an idea, that I'm going to run by you all. I have been telling you all about my reviews that I write for various companies and that I get paid to do that. Well, It seems that when I write too many reviews, I neglect the whole purpose of me blogging. I like to blog just like every one else, but I don't want to forget the whole reason I write. SO, I decided to make a whole new blog that focuses on my personal writing, and helping others to make money while blogging. I'm going to dedicate this blog to reviewing products that are either sent to me or that I have decided to try. I'm going to put a permanent link on this page that will take you to my other blog and visa versa. I'm also going to attempt to keep the look and feel of this blog on my new blog, because if you are anything like me, I will lose track of where I have been visiting and where I haven't. I'm going to keep my purple theme and all, being that that is my favorite color.
I will let you all know when its up and running. Stay tuned.
Please make sure you read my previous post if you haven't already. I found some great opportunities and want to share them with you.
Talk to you all soon

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