My daughter needs glasses!

Hi everyone,
Some of you may know that I have two gorgeous daughters, both of them perfect. Ok well, maybe they are not perfect. No one is perfect. But I do reserve the right to continue believing that they are perfect. So, this year when I got a letter from my then 8 year olds' school nurse informing me that my little girl needs glasses. I was crushed. I totally felt and continue to feel like it is my fault. I feel like I let her down. Maybe I didn't do my best to protect her precious eyes. I'm a little sad that she may have inherited her nearsightedness, but she may also have damaged them by using her gameboy a little more than I would have cared for, but couldn't bring myself to take from her. She wanted that thing for so long, and when I won it in a company raffle I was thrilled that I could give my big girl an expensive gift for FREE. Well, now, I do limit her play and her TV watching time, but I know its a little to late for that. Any way, I was looking into some eye glasses for her. And to my shock and horror, glasses are very FREAKING expensive. Well, they are if you don't want your child to be called mean names like "Urkle" or what ever obnoxious names are out there these day. So, of course I turned to the only place that has come through for me time after time, the World Wide Web. Thats right, I used the the internet to research eyeglasses for my child. Isn't it a life saver. This time it saved my life and my pocket book.
I went online and found a website that sells eyeglasses for only $8. Yes, you completely read that right, $8. It is such a great discovery that I had to share this with you all. It wouldn't be fair not to. Its called ZenniOptical.com

This place has very nice looking glasses. You can actually buy affordable glasses at Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. They carry all types of glasses. I was amazed at the choices they have. You can find stylish glasses, tinted sunglass lenses, bifocal lenses, and those really cool sunsensor (potochromic)lenses.
If you are wondering how they can afford to sell their glasses at such a discount its because ZenniOptical.com doesn't have any middlemen so they can afford to sell prescription glasses for extremely low prices.
Besides the low prices they also offer non non scratch coating on the lenses, and a full guarantee, so if your not satisfied you can send them right back. They only charge 4.95 for shipping and handling. Whether you order one pair or 40 pairs of glasses the $4.95 flat rate shipping charge never changes. It so easy to order your prescription glasses online, all you have to do is fill out the online order form that has drop down help menues, and then submit. Its as easy as that. Im posting a picture of the glasses that my daughter chose. If you or anyone you know needs glasses check out ZenniOptical.com, they are so inexpensive you cant afford not to but your glasses from them. For more information just go to ZenniOptical.com you will find the answer to your question there.

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