Hi every one,
Today I have another VERY short post.
I just wanted to wish every one a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.
I wish I had more time to write today, but thats not the case. My Daughter is having her 3rd grade valentines party, and I put together some party favors for her entire class, and I must deliver them, or some one may be very sad. You know, if there is anything I love more in this world is to make my daughters happy. I love to see their precious smiles light up when they are happy. And I have to say, my 9 year old told me that she feels real "COOL" and "TOUGH" when her Mama comes to school to visit her. She loves the attention that her baby sister gets her. I wouldn't want to do anything that would make my daughter UN-COOL. So I better get going. I hope you and your loved ones have a great day. I will talk to you all soon. And for any one that may be new here, go and check out my other blog, called Here I am TOO, it the original. Go by and see it and feel free to leave me any questions or comments. I will be glad to answer them as soon as I can..
Gotta go, I think I smell the chocolate cup cakes calling me already..
Melissa Q

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