Hi every one.
Its Monday and I regret to inform you that I have nothing to add to my blog today.
Well, actually, I Do.
I have a cousin whom I haven't seen in ages. Long ago, when I was a dumb pre-teen, I got mad at her for a comment she made, that really upset me. It was an emotional time in both of our lives. We had all just drove back up from Mexico, where we burried our Grandmother. Im sure you all can relate, that in times like those tensions are high. A young girl like me could not see past my own sadness to see the sadness and stress of others. In other words, I was being a BRAT. I was sad BRAT. So any way, I snapped at her, and then we never spoke again. She was a teenager at the time, so it was hard on her too.
Recently, we got back in touch. I told her that I have long since forgiven the comment, and as a grown woman I can actually relate, to what she said. (Im not going to write what was said, Im just not going there, by the way) So, we got back in touch and she has started her own blog...(thanks to me, hehehe) Any way, she has a very moving story, a very emotional and frankly a disturbing story that she wants to share with every one. Im actually very sad for her her children. I hope you all can stop by her blog and give her some words of encouragement, and support. I will let her tell you what happened. But let me warn you, it isn't something that young children should read, so please use your own discretion. Please Help me in welcoming my Cousin Patricia, to the blogosphere. GO find her at PATY1108.BLOGSPOT.COM
Let her know you found her on my site, I'm sure she will appreciate your visit.
Thank you all in advance

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