I recently entered a contest on Helium, and my article is in first place! Im adding a link for you all to go and check it out. Its about Mexican food. The food of my roots, the land of my ancestors. A while back I attempted to make a whole separate blog for my recipes, some of which were handed down through generations, but it was far to time consuming to write on this blog and that one and keep up with my freelance writing. So I let it go, and deleted it after only 3 recipes. haha. I'm sorry I'm not usually a quitter, but when you have kids and a hubby and a home to care for, it is extremely tough to juggle them all. I had to cut my losses so to speak. I just had a wonderful Idea. It struck me as I write this post. I will post a link to my articles that contain my recipes, that way those of you who are interested in making some quick, easy and authentic Mexican food, can just click the link and ta-dah ( I didn't know how to spell wah-lah, sorry. hahaha) So any way, Here is the link. Go and see me. I'm in first place. If you want to join Hellium let me know, I can send you an invite, you join for free, and I get credit. Cool how that works, huh. Ok, OK enough.. here it is. Let me know what you think. http://www.helium.com/tm/774157/flavors-mexico-broad-bountiful

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