Well, The count down has begun.
The participants are in a dead heat, all of them in pursuit of the same thing, a win. Many will vote. Many Americans will cast their vote based on what each runner has given them to see. Voters want to read the contenders. Which runner can be read like a book, and has left no questions unanswered? Who has put it all on the line? Only then, can the voters decide who has given their best. The nominated few will wait, holding their breath, dreaming of what they will do when they win. The losers will walk away, wishing that they could have done things differently. The big question is who will win? Who will be the victor in a race that only a few brave souls have entered? This has to be the closest race I have ever had the opportunity to watch. I, as well as many others have day by day access to the coverage on the race to the finish. The front runner has changed a few times. One day there seems to be a sure shot winner, and no one could replace them. But by the next day the front runner has a new name and things have changed. I can say with all certainty that I will be relieved when this is all over. The only thing that runs through my mind day in and day out is who is going to take the win? I also can say with all certainty that results will be in sooner than we all expect. If you are wondering why I am so enthralled in this particular race, well the answer is easy. You may agree and you may disagree, but I know who I want to be the big winner. ………………… IT’S ME! I’m in a race to the finish. I am the contender. I am in FIRST place! What did you think I was talking about, surely not the presidential race? That’s one topic I will stay away from, I may be the competitive type, but I am not the political argument type. I have my beliefs and you have yours. We’ll just leave it at that. Back to the subject of me though. The day before yesterday I entered a writing contest. When I entered my article it immediately took second place. By the end of that day I had taken first place. Then yesterday morning, I was bumped off of my first place seat and was back down to second. Late last night and early this morning I have managed to make my way back to first place. If all goes well, later tonight when the contest is over, I stand a very good chance of winning the first place prize of $75 CASH. It’s not a big prize; it surely will not make me rich. But, what it will do is give me the opportunity to take my family out for a night of fun and have the luxury to say to my husband, “it’s on me”. What a great feeling. I love to compete. I love sports, I love games, I mostly love it when my team or I win! I’m having fun entering these contests, especially when there is a cash prize to be won. If you are interested in joining me and entering, leave me your email address and I will send you an invitation directly from the site. The nice thing is that I get a credit for inviting you, and you can get credit for joining and for each article you write. If you are the competitive type, you too can enter and try your chance at hundreds of dollars in cash prizes.
Leave me you email and I promise I will get that invite to you as soon as I get your request. I WILL NOT sell or do anything harmful to your email. This is a sincere offer, and I would never want it to be done to me. If you still have your reservations, you can leave me a disposable email address, one that you use for spam and I will make sure to send it there. The subject line will be Hey, you asked for it and now you got it.
Thanks again to every one who reads my post. Come back often. I also will keep you all posted on what place my article ends up, you never know, I may drop all the way down to last place…(highly unlikely..cause Im so great! Haha).


Jelly said...

ha ha ha...for a minute there I did think you were talking about the presidential campaign.

However, I did read your helium post a few days ago and I think its great! I can't seem to get the words to flow like you do, but I'm working on it.

Take care!

MelissaQ said...

haha, gotcha

Christine said...

thanks so much for your comments on chicken fried therapy! I am so excited for you on your helium competition...I hope you win! I'm off to check out the article as we speak....cheers from a fellow texas girl, christine

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