Ok so this post is extremely late today, I almost didn't want to write it today and save it for tomorrow, but since I'm usually extremely busy on Fridays. I know I wont get to write a new post.
Here it is, but I would like to post a warning to my MOM, who I know reads this at times. This might make you feel a little uncomfortable MOM, But it is very informative and many women may need to read this.
So this morning I was watching Good morning America, my one morning news show that for some reason makes me feel like I have learned or heard something important, not sure if its actually true but hey it does give me great topics for my blog sometimes. Any way back to the subject. There was a story that really caught my attention. It was about the science of love. It seems that many scientist and psychologist have come to an agreement about some important factors that determine whether you are with the right person or not. They said that "new studies prove that it may be less about romance and more about science and that it all boils down to your five senses."
Your 5 senses, lets review. Touch, Sight, Smell, Taste, and Hearing.
There are actual scientific findings that show that what we think of as wanting to fall in love is actually driven by the desire to reproduce for both women and men. "You slowly winnow out those individuals who don't look the part, feel the part, touch the part and you are left with the kind of person who you think is right for you. And at that point, boom!" said Rutgers University anthropology professor Helen Fisher.
Researchers also say there is some truth to "love at first sight."
"A high forehead, big eyes, a small nose, certainly clear skin. All of these things suggest youth because that's the way a baby looks," said Jeffrey Kluger, the science editor at Time magazine. Ok, but thats not all. The report also says that there is also "love at first taste and smell." The GMA reporter also said that "The first kiss can literally serve as a taste test for true love." Kluger said that when a man kisses a woman for the FIRST time he releases testosterone in his saliva which act as a natural aphrodisiac for the woman. Kluger compared this wonderful and natural event to "a man sort of slipping a chemical mickey on a woman." Romantic isn't it? This kiss can also determine whether or not the man and woman are compatible enough to reproduce healthy babies. If their genes are too similar it could cause problems for the woman and may not allow for the woman to be able to carry the baby to term.
And here is where the story gets a little more interesting. They said that "the most primal indicator of attraction comes from your nose." They said that a persons partner has to smell right. And they are not talking about that fancy cologne or perfume they wear. The scientist are talking about a humans natural pheromones or chemicals that are constantly being produced by the body. The chemicals like the testosterone are not seen and don't smell outwardly and strong to your nose, its more a smell that you may not be conscious of. All a human or any mammal knows is, that there is something about the opposite sex that drives them wild. Pheromones are also involved with a womans monthly cycle. For example, the scientist did a study on strippers, sorry I mean exotic dancers. I'm trying to be pc here, bare with me. The study that was done on the exotic dancers shows that, "women who were ovulating made an average of $70 in tips an hour. Those who were in the non-fertile part of their cycle only made $35." Isn't that interesting? I mean, they should tell all women that if they want to get some money from their man, they should ask for it while they are ovulating. The man will never know what came over him. I can just hear all the ladies now...OH, HONEEEEEY !!! hehehe.
Ok so there is one part of this report that I found to be the most interesting and by far one of the most important.
Because we as human mammals make and release these clusters of hormones naturally and have been doing so since the beginning of time, we have to be careful about the unnatural chemicals we put into our bodies. The disturbing part is, that women who are on birth control pills have their natural hormones and pheromones all out of wack. Birth control pills are essentially altering a womans natural hormone reproduction. Because of this, many women are picking the wrong mates. The report said that, the altered hormones can lead a woman to be attracted to a man while on the pills and un-attracted to that very same man while off the pills. I know this news will surely make some women reevaluate the relationship that they are in. I'm not sure what advice to give women single or married about the topic of birth control pills, but, what I can do is hopefully give you an insight into why you may hate a man 3 weeks out of a month and then love him to death the other week, or visa versa. Either way, it may be a good thing to think about, if your not sure about your relationship. You can ask your self, is this person the right one for me, did I pick him naturally or unnaturally? I hope that this post was interesting and most of all I really hope it was helpful. I believe in the natural science of nature. Don't get me wrong I believe in GOD with all my heart, but I also believe that God made us with these chemicals as a way to find our true soul mates naturally. I know I found my soul mate naturally and we have two beautiful little girls to show for it. For more on this story you can click here and it will take you straight to the GOOD Morning America website and you can read the entire report.


JELLY said...
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JELLY said...

wow, well this could be my problem being that I've been on birth control since 15 with only 10 months in between (1 to conceive and 9 for the pregnancy for anyone who can't add. One problem for those of us that do not want more children or cannot afford more children and do not solely rely on other birth control methods...

birth control is supposed to help with acne, mood swings and minimize cramping. For some it also maintains weight gain and regulates monthly cycles. So as many cons as there are to be on it, there are that many more pros to it as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really interesting!

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