You wont believe the news story that I saw lastnight.
Someone has found a way to make fresh baked cookies out of pollution! Look, I am all for going green. I do may part to recycle reduce and reuse, although I know I could be doing more. At least its a start, you should see the money we save on plastic trash bags now that we recycle so much. I even posted a pretty button on my side bar of a very interseting blog that has green giveaways. Its a cool site look for the green mom finds button on my side bar, they have lots of tips to help you go green or get greener. Its good for the environment and your health.
So back to my topic
On my local news station, it seems that a local energy company has a genius working in their midst. A scientist slash engineer for a coal company here in Dallas, TX has come up with a way to harness the carbon monoxide that the coal plant produces and turn it into a usable and edible product. After doing some studies this guy has found a way to turn the pollution into baking soda! He even made cookies out of it and let the news reporter taste them. The reporter was impressed and I must say so am I.
I wish I had more details on this story, but I just saw the story while catching up on my emails. Sneaking around while all are sleeping...mwahaha ( that was supposed to sound EVIL) Well, I'm going to add a link for anyone that is interested in reading more about this amazing find. If this turns out to be as big as it seems, we may be able to see a turn for the better for the worlds position on global warming in our life time. The scientist who captured this process is hoping for government funding. Lets see how serious the government is about the issue of pollution and global warming. I for one would love to see this happen in my life time, what about you. I have a link to the news station that reported this story. Its WFAA.COM I just looked and they do not have the exact link to take you directly to the story. I must be too fast of a reporter for them. Any way, just go to the web page and look for the story about pollution that you can eat. As soon as I find the exact link I will post it.

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