Hello Every one,
I'm really sorry for the late posts' lately. I have been super busy, as many of you are. The baby running around behind me begging to be picked up really slows me down. When she couldn't walk she always wanted to be on the floor. Now that she started walking in November she always wants me to pick her up. Go figure. Sometimes I feel really old, when the back pain kicks in and I find those one or two white hairs popping out of my dark brown hair. My hair is really curly so a small white curl that pops out at the top of my head will be noticed. I have a box of hair dye ready and waiting. hehehe. I know Im only 29 but man oh man, kids can really wear you down. I'm going to take a moment and thank my MOM and apologize at the same time. Thank you MOM for putting up with me and my little bro, who by the way was way worse than me...wink, wink. I'm sorry for all the grief I put you through, oh and let me go ahead and say that my little bro was still way more guilty of that than me..hahaha I can hear my mom now..YEAH RIGHT!! I'm sorry if I made you feel older than you really were. Speaking of feeling older than you are, I stumbled on this website that will calculate your real age for you, FOR FREE. MY real age is 29.5, and when I took this test I totally thought I was gonna register at around 60 years old. But I was pleasantly surprised, I registered at 29.2 years old. I was so happy. It also has tips on how to make you younger. So go and check this place out its called Myrealage.com. I must add my disclaimer. I am in no way affiliated with this website, they do not pay me to review them, although that would be nice, they don't. Its just something I found, it was fun. I hope you try it and come back and let me know your ages, IF YOU DARE! MUAHAHA...ok, that was creepy..
Have fun


Anonymous said...

You didn't give me to much gray hair, thats why I still look so young, hahahah.

MelissaQ said...

Hahaha, I wonder who this anonymous commenter could be?? hahaha

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