Hello Everyone,
Today I have been on a quest to request more of my earnings from some of those survey sites I mentioned in my previous post. So far so good. Because I have been concentrating my energy and time to making sure those checks are in the mail, I have not been able to come up with a good topic for today. What I have for you today is a post that has yet another way for you to make money while blogging. I was surfing the blogosphere early and I mean early this morning and came across a great blog, I cant remember the name of that blog though. It may be because of what I saw there. On her side bar she had a button that caught my eye. It said "SMORTY, get paid to blog". I know, you have probably seen that said before, but have you tried them? I signed up for Smorty and was almost immediately approved. Unlike a few other sites which I wont bother to mention, let me just say, that had me signed up and then never got back to me. Not even a rejection notice, how rude. Talk about a bad first impression. So I thought I would give this smorty a chance. I did, and right off the bat they have assignments ready and waiting for me. Now this is a great first impression. Let me tell you what Smorty is about. Smorty is a place that helps to connect advertisers who want to advertise on blogs">advertise on blogs, with bloggers and bloggers that want to earn money while reviewing products are connected to advertisers. If you have opinions and want to express them in a non naughty manner, I recommend that you sign up for Smorty. They give the liberty to choose and accept which products or websites you want to review, then you write about them and then you get PAID! Sounds pretty easy doesn't it? I have also joined their affiliate program which offers another opportunity to make money. Look for the Smorty button on my side bar and it will take you right to their very cool looking website. I hope you all sign up. I think this is one opportunity that should not be passed up. So if you want to get paid to blog, click on the links to Smorty in this post or find the button on my side bar. Either way, you will be taken straight to the place where your opinion counts. Let me know what you think. If you want to know if writing reviews is too hard or too time consuming, Let me tell you its not. What do you think you just read?
Good Luck,


Motherwise said...

I got tired of the surveys. It seems I had to fill in thousands before anything happened. I was probably doing something wrong.

Anonymous said...

I tried the survey route as well and it just took so long before you see anything.. :(

MelissaQ said...

Hi Ladies,
Thank you for visiting. The whole survey thing is a little tricky. A while back I signed up for what seemed like a million survey sites. Come to find out that not all are reputable. There are only about 3 or 4 that I actually recommend. They all take a little patience and persistence. Look at my post where I put what I have made so far, those are the only ones I would ever recommend. The others are a waist of time. I think they just wanted a way to get an email to spam to, but not the ones I mentioned in my last post. These payed review ones seem to be pretty good. The only thing they want is for you to have a blog that has been up and running for 3 months minimum. I hope you try them. Oh by the way go check out LJ's page, she has a link to a great thing called roboform, it fills out all your info for you and saves you tons of time when signing up for surveys or anything. I got it from her and I LOVE IT. Find her at mommygetspaid.com
Thanks again

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