Here I am. Its been a while since I have posted anything. I have a good reason for this delay. The other day I was wandering through the blogosphere and ran into a blog that is now a new favorite of mine. I found this lady's blog through one of my pals, Amanda, maybe I have mentioned her a time or two. Hehe. Well she was tagged, and so of course she tagged other blogs. I of course went on to check out the blogs that Amanda chose to tag. I'm always curious to see for myself why folks have been tagged, or talked about. I get lots of ideas this way. Amanda has so far lead me in all the right directions when it come to making money online or finding the sites that help you make money online. So, anyway, the blog I found is called http://www.mommygetspaid.com/ Cool name huh. It completely fits this blog.
This blog offers a lot of money making tips that so far have helped me in my money making adventure. I noticed that in her side bar she has some helpful tips on making money through surveys. I had signed up for many surveys but it was taking to long to actually make any money through them that I gave up. I didn't think I had time to mess with surveys. Once I read her tips, it hit me like a ton of bricks. All I had to do was actually take some surveys so that they could see that I am indeed interested in surveys that make money. So all this week I tried taking some surveys and wouldn't you know it, I have started receiving surveys that actually offer money, and even better I have qualified for quite a few of them. I wish I could make my blog a blog that is as helpful as the two I have mentioned, but I'm still new at this and I'm, learning the ropes. Maybe one day I will be able to gather all my money making tips and transform this blog into one of those helpful type of blogs, but until then I will post a few links that can lead you in the right path to making extra money online. Below I have posted some links of websites that offer you money to take surveys. I hope you sign up, its kind of fun. Also in case you want to see a HUGE list of websites that offer money for surveys, just click on the link in this post called mommygetspaid. She has a wonderfully helpful blog so check it out.
I'm done for now. I hope to make a few more post before I take a break for Christmas. I do have kids, I need to tend to, and one in particular that I need to keep off of my Christmas tree.





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LJ said...

Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it!
I have added you to my blogroll too!

Take Care,

LJ (www.Mommygetspaid.com)

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