Hello Everyone
Sorry for the delay in my post.
As you all know, its Christmas time. YES, I said CHRISTMAS. I refuse to say Holiday time. I am a Christian and I reserve the right to say CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS!
Don't you just love blogs. You can say anything you want in here. You don't have to worry about who you offend. Freedom of speech is such a wonderful thing. I know if any one is offended they have a choice whether to stay or go. And If you are offended by the word Christmas, then I'm sorry, please feel free to...... leave my BLOG!
Any way, as I was saying.
Christmas time is here and there is so much to do. When you have children Christmas changes. You have to make sure that while you do the gift giving thing you don't over do it. It is so easy to fall for those cute little faces that beg for this and that. But we as parents have to be careful.

These children are con artist. They say they want this magical fluffy princess rainbow charm book video flying horse doggy doll, (yes that was one the description of one toy, if you know where to find it please tell me!!) but in the end, they will play with it all of two times. And if your lucky maybe you will get a third play time with the unbelievably expensive toy. I say to all of the parents out there who are reading this right now, STAND STRONG! Don't let these little con artist win. Don't let them pull at your heart strings, they know that at Christmas time parents are at their weakest. Turn away when they give you those puppy eyed looks. Run and hide in the bathroom when you hear another, MOMMMMMYYYYY, I want thaaaaaaat...... Sing a Christmas carol at the top of your lungs and ask them to join you, this will be sure to get their mind off of that commercial they were just influenced by. I hate subliminal messages!
I suggest investing in some sturdy ear plugs. They are made by acme. Yes the same company that makes the bricks, and the bombs that the Wylie coyote used to try and catch that pesky road runner. These ear plugs can be inserted into the ears and the children will be clueless. You can go on about your day, and never hear one word they say. This method is the only way to save your wallet and your sanity.

*Acme is in no way affiliated with this article, and in no way has paid me to advertise their non-existent earplugs.

Well, I'm done being silly.
I do enjoy Christmas time. I enjoy watching my daughter open her presents. I am excited to see my 1 year old and her reaction to gifts on Christmas. This will be her second Christmas, her first she was all of 1 month old, so she was not quite able to tear any wrapping paper. I do mean what I say about being careful not to overindulge our children though. Its not healthy, and it has been proven by many psychologist that overindulgence in any form can be harmful to a persons self esteem. Which can lead to obesity, mental disorders, and just plain social disorders. Our children do not need a ton of gifts. What they need is a ton of love and nurturing. That is what is wrong with todays children. They are so self absorbed, because they were spoiled, that they will always expect this kind of treatment from every one. In the real world no one but you, will have given them every single thing they want. When they get into relationships they will expect this kind of treatment. It may not be possible, which can lead to broken relationships. They will have to learn to work for it, and sometimes not even working hard will get you everything you want. My point is, give your children what they need, and some of what they want. Let them earn anything that was not given to them, that was on that long list they gave you to mail to Santa. That will be the greatest lesson they could learn in life.
Now, Pray for me that I too, can keep it together and take my own advice.
Merry Christmas!


Chismosa said...

ok, you had me rolling on this one! This is probably why I don't enjoy Christmas very much anymore. Besides that, you'll end up spending all your earnings on the crappy toys that will probably get recalled anyway!

MelissaQ said...

I didn't even think about that,
AHHH, you just made it worse, now I cant say I didn't know about toy recalls...hahaha

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