Well, it was announced today that 2007 was the DEADLIEST year for our troops in Iraq.
This is another topic that I have mixed feelings about. I was all for going right over to the middle east and destroying the Bastards that help kill so many innocent Americans on September 11th. As time went on I wasn't so sure about the steps our Government was taking to ensure our safety, but I trusted their judgement after all they are highly educated, and very important leaders. Was I just a naive twenty something year old, with a trusting nature? I think I may have been. Don't get me wrong I support our troops. I have quite a few Uncles that were enlisted in the Army and Marines. A couple of them went to war in Vietnam. I remember wanting to be a Marine just like my Uncle Johnny. He was the epitome of a Marine. When you think US Marine you see a strong & confident person. Which he was and still is. I never became a Marine, After I found out difficult boot camp was I completely and utterly "chickened out". I tested to go to the Navy instead. I passed the test, but could not get over the overwhelming fear I had to leave home at such a young age. So yes you can call me a chicken. BUT, that's the only name I will allow you to call me. hahaha.
Any way, Now I see so many of our soldiers being killed in Iraq. I just want to bring them home. I don't think that there is a change coming for that country in the near future. This is a country with a religion that dates back to thousands of years. Are we really to expect these people to change the way the have believed for so long? I don't think so. I agree that the terrorist have to be stopped. But at what cost? Isn't there something, or some other way we can handle this issue? Other than going in there with guns blazing. The sight of our troop and our weapons only make them dig their heels in deeper. Many, many, people in Iraq don't want to change. I say FINE, then we leave you to fend for your self. And when you are in need of the Almighty US dollar, lets see if you get any.
I understand that leaving too soon can damage that country even more, but they don't want our help. Why don't we help those who want and need our help? I don't know. Let me know what you think. I want to know how many people feel the same or different than me. Don't worry, you wont offend me, it takes a whole lot more than a healthy debate to offend me, like calling me names...hahaha.. Take the poll about the war, leave your opinion. It will be posted some where on this page, I just don't know exactly where, because I am some what of an indecisive person.

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