HI every one.
I'm exited to say that I have actually more than just two readers now.
I think the total is something like 4. Hahaha. Well actually the number of readers has increased a great deal. But I'm still not happy with the way this blog looks. I cant seem to change t he template. I have tried, and no luck. I go into the template edit tab, and add template that I found on the web, and they just don't work. If any one out there knows exactly how to change the template, leave me a comment. I'm tired of this tired look. I need HELP.
Thanks again for reading, come back often and request a song you can listen to while you read.


Amanda said...

Hi Melissa,
I'm happy to be one of those 4 loyal readers!!! I'm sure you have way more than that, though!! Keep on writing for us!!!

MelissaQ said...

AWW, Thank you Amanda. I will keep writting, especially with that kind of encouragement.

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