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Let me just start off by saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
I am going to let off some steam about Halloween, some may get offended. I know I said I wasn't going to talk about my children on this blog spot, but I also said I may use them as a reference now and then. So Here it goes.
What has this country of liberty and freedom come too when small children can not enjoy the age old tradition of Halloween. Are we all so sensitive that we have to ruin Innocent fun for young children? My daughter came to me and told me that there will be no Halloween party at her school this year. Then the school sent a note home stating that, "Halloween will no longer be celebrated in schools. "Halloween is offensive to many people." I almost had my own childish temper tantrum. Why is Halloween being banned from schools? You can not possibly tell me that, small children going door to door asking for treats is offensive. I know what some of you may be thinking. You are probably thinking about those freaks that take Halloween too far, with their devil worshiping and sacrificing. Well, let me tell you something. Devil worshiping has been around for thousands of years. When people decided they would not believe in GOD the way the rest of the world believed. They went against the norm. Why all of a sudden is this an issue now? It not something new. Now, I'm not condoning devil worshiping, in fact I think its repulsive. I just think that there is no need for us to take our children's innocence from them and tell them about the extremist. My 8 year old has no clue that there are people out there who drink blood and worship Satan. She only knows that on this day she gets to dress up, and walk around our neighborhood getting tons of free candy, that she would otherwise never get from me. I'm sure when the time comes I will tell her about the things people do in this world to set them selves apart. I am a God fearing Catholic. I take my children to church. I try to keep them involved in church activities. BUT, I will not take Halloween away from my children. What happened to the good old days, when people used to enjoy these occasions and take them for what they are, a day for children to break free from the monotonous days at school. A day for children to eat as much candy as their hearts desired. (well, not too much). I think that as a whole, people have gone too far. The people who take their Satan worshiping to an extreme on this night have gone too far, and the people who believe that the entire world is evil and should be sent straight to hell for giving out candies to kids have gone too far. These two groups of people are the ones that have the issues. I don't think that the majority of people in our communities worship the devil and are out to recruit our kids. Why are there churches on every corner of most cities in America? Why don't we hear more of those horror stories about children being turned into satanist, on the late night news? Because the majority of the time it DOESN'T happen! It doesn't happen people. Most people handing out candy are reliving the days of "leave it to beaver" when even Ward and June Cleaver let Wally and the Beav go trick or treating. I say, GIVE ME A BREAK! You know what I will say it again, GIVE ME A BREAK!! I could go on and on about this but I wont. I think you get my drift. Tonight my children, my husband and I will watch Charlie brown Halloween special and we will go trick or treating. I will walk my children to the door, like every parent should, and we will enjoy the innocence that is in my children's hearts. We need to keep the tradition of Halloween alive, and remember who this night is really for.


edith said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, I hope you and my grandkids had a lot of fun! I want some candy. Love ya, Mom

MelissaQ said...

Hi, MOM.
We had alot of fun. Kayla scared a ton of people, and so did my little lady bug Angelina. Your gonna have to arm wrestle me for the candy though.. hahaha

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