I found the song I lost over 20 years ago!

I'm excited! No! I'm ecstatic! I'm about to burst with joy! 
I found a song. Not just any song, a song who I have no name for, no artist name not even the year it hit the radio, but I have it! Thanks to today's technology and the magical world of YOUTUBE!  I found this damn song that I had given up hope of ever finding again. It's been so long since I've heard it that I even forgot how it went! I couldn't even hum you the song, but, I knew it was a song that I absolutely LOVED! 

Oh man! I posted to two different people on my facebook about how excited I am to have found it! 

Here is the link! Please listen to it! I'm going to listen to it on and endless loop until I get tired of it. 
Hey! I've got to make up for time lost...don't judge me! Haha

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