Food truckin and kicking ass at the same time

This last week has been a whirl wind adventure for sure. 

We had four events in one week. 
Two of them were back to back. 
And in case there was any doubt as to how our food does in events like this.... Lets just say that a line half a block long says all you need to know. That line also held repeat customers. 

So we have one more huge event in Weatherford TX at their famous peach festival, and we will be done for the season. 
It's getting pretty darn hot in Texas and the crowds are slowing down. Sorta. 
The crowds come out once the sun falls but we have three kiddos and we can't stay up until the crack of dawn to feed hungry party goers. 

Anyway. I'm still recuperating, but I've gotta make sure I get better fast, we have one last show before I can kick up my heals and really enjoy this summer.  

If you haven't found us or liked us on face book yet, please do. 
You can find us at www.facebook.com/larositatacos 

Thank you. 

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