Easter egg hunt

We took the two little ones to the Easter egg hunt at our favorite local park. The teenager stayed home because well, lets face it, shes too darn old to be mowing down toddlers just to snag a couple of tootsie rolls.

The hubs wanted to actually come this year. That's a good thing! It's kind of a big deal because we have three kids and this was his second egg hunt. The other was so long ago I can hardly remember it, what I do know is, if he comes with us again next year he will not be in charge of taking pics of our children and especially not if he's going to be in charge of taking precious pics our two year olds first actual, I can do this on my own, hunt....

Because he had his camera phone but took ZERO pictures! Not one damn picture to be had. I wasnt there to remind him of this duty because I was on the other side of the field with our 6 year old daughter! And now all I can say is Aaaaaaahhh! Oh how I wanted to stuff a laffy taffy up his nose right in the middle of the candy covered field! The were a few police men at the park so I contained myself but told him that he was about to be permanently banned from joining us ever again.

The good thing is, the real Easter egg hunt at our church is the Saturday before its actually Easter so we get a second and third chance at the photo opp! Hubs... Your on bucket holding duty! ;)

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